CIRAS Digest: Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015

  • U.S. manufacturing output rose modestly in January and not at all in December, which is “potentially worrisome” to Reuters.
  • With cybersecurity a growing concern for businesses everywhere, The Des Moines Register has a piece on Iowa State University’s effort to train the next generation of “white-hat hackers.”
  • Toward that end, the Huffington Post has a blogger who cites the national security importance of a strong manufacturing base. The piece basically calls for manufacturers to get more deeply involved in governmental policy by advocating for strengthening infrastructure.
  • America’s millennials are “far less competent than their peers in Europe and Asia,” according to a study described in The Atlantic. The shortfalls have to do with proficiency in working with words and numbers.
  • And speaking of unqualified young people, colleges in Florida are looking for ways to boost their offerings to train an estimated 2,150 new and replacement workers. According to the Pensacola News Journal, that’s the number the area expects to need in advanced manufacturing over the next five years.
  • And the Des Moines-based Technology Association of Iowa has announced plans to open a satellite office in Cedar Rapids, according to the Register.

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