CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015

  • The Des Moines Register has a look at proposed FAA regulations for drones, which eventually could help farmers, Realtors and others with their businesses.
  • The Des Moines Business Record has a survey saying that more than half of local Iowa bankers see economic expansion on the horizon.
  • From the I-think-I-probably-would-have-chosen-a-different-headline department: KIMT-TV in Mason City has a report saying that Iowa young people – and particularly, technically minded young people – lead the nation in “joint enrollment.” Apparently, that means they’re taking high school and college classes at the same time. It saves money, and some folks believe that it makes it more likely for the young people to stay and work in rural areas after they graduate.
  • And finally, something called the National Educational Initiative is set to launch in Georgia and “may eventually be implemented in all 50 states,” according to the Gainesville Times. It’s a campaign to improve the image of manufacturing and encourage young people to pursue careers in the field. John Ratzenberger, of “Cheers” and the “Made in America” TV show, is going to announce it all with Georgia’s governor on Wednesday. The article says the launch in Georgia “will reach more than 500,000 students annually.”

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