CIRAS Digest: Friday, Feb. 13, 2015

  • VP Joe Biden
    VP Joe Biden

    Vice President Joe Biden, speaking yesterday at Des Moines Area Community College, included a long passage (summarized toward the end of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier account) about reshoring and the manufacturing jobs that are “coming home.”

  • Meanwhile, an industry website called, was gathering numbers and listening to a speech by the president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. The gist of the rubbernews story is that there’s a clear trend toward the positive re: job growth: “Reshoring has stopped the bleeding. And with wages around the world increasing, the U.S. could turn the scales in the next five to 10 years.” (CIRAS’ own analysis is that Iowans need to watch the numbers, because things likely will improve slowly.)
  • Here’s one because we talked about aerospace yesterday: Forbes says Virgin Galactic will be hosting a job fair next month looking for people who want to work at its new satellite-manufacturing facility in Long Beach, Calif. (The hyphen there is intended to mean that it’s not a secondary location; this is where Virgin will actually make satellite-carrying rockets.) Virgin Galactic says it intends to make LauncherOne rockets “at quantity.”
  • US. News & World Report has weighed in on the Detroit guy who received a free car from the Internet because he’d been walking 21 miles to work each day. The article, noting the real problem is that the guy couldn’t afford to fix his own broken car, cites a several months-old report from the National Employment Law Project as saying that “manufacturing wages in the U.S. have dropped below the average wage for all occupations for the first time in three decades.”

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