CIRAS Digest: Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015

  • Low crop prices are expected to cut farm income by nearly one-third this year, according to a story in today’s Des Moines Register that quotes U.S. Agriculture Department figures. The story notes that Deere & Co. in January announced its third round of layoffs in five months.
  • The Des Moines Register also has a couple of paragraphs noting that U.S. job openings hit a 14-year high in December. In the same briefs column: Capri Sun is ditching corn syrup in its drinks and replacing it with real sugar.
  • Offered here as proof of increased manufacturing activity: A Cincinnati business paper has a story about Proctor & Gamble’s proposed $500 million manufacturing plant in West Virginia. It would be P&G’s second new plant since 1971. Seven hundred jobs.
  • Meanwhile, the Iowa legislature cleared up the fact that beer is beer. (In a legal definition sense.)
  • Fox News has a story on a company called SoftWear Automation that’s working with Georgia Tech University to create robots capable of manipulating fabric through sewing machines. The story touts it as a possible antidote to overseas textile manufacturing and as way to shorten the path from clothing design to store shelves. (Smaller orders required, no need to wait for a boat.)
  • This is in addition to Tuesday’s other major cable news robot video, involving an artificial dog created by Boston Dynamics and discussed hardly at all by CNN.


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