CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015

  • Iowa senate Democrats are circulating an opinion piece that champions the need for more money for community colleges. (It’s a skilled-worker shortage thing.) We found two versions, in a blog that credited the newsletter of Sen. Tom Courtney, Des Moines, and in a Des Moines Register piece bylined by Sen. Dick Dearden, Des Moines.
  • The first of two signs that manufacturing is going to be a big topic in the press through at least November 2016: The leftist Daily Kos site has a one-sided piece noting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a package of “Buy American” bills the N.J. legislature had sent him.
  • Second sign: There’s a guy in New Hampshire named Sam Asano who has his own inventing column in the Union Leader. He’s published what appears to be a hand-labeled chart with numbers from 1917 to 2010. The argument is that income inequality in the U.S. stays low whenever the manufacturing sector thrives.
  • A sign of the apocalypse? Not sure what to make of this, but click here if you want to ponder some deep thoughts. It’s an essay by Frank Sonder, CEO of foresee, on LinkedIn. The title is “The Future is ours – Robots Take Over.”

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