CIRAS Digest: Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015

  • Bloomberg Business, citing a private payrolls report, says companies added 213,000 job in January – slightly less than expected but the fifth consecutive month of 200,000+ growth. Sign, according to Bloomberg, that the “Recovery Quickens.”
  • Yet, something called cites U.S. Dept. of Commerce figures in saying that overall U.S. manufacturing orders dropped for the fifth straight month in December. There are other numbers here that basically say the same thing, according to hotair: “The ‘robust recovery’ has not yet arrived.”
  • For those of you who just like to read about economic issues: The website for KWWL-TV in Waterloo has a relatively long (for TV types) piece from the AP about Russian bargain hunters. Between low oil prices and U.S. sanctions, “there is a creeping awareness that the tough times are here to stay.”
  • And The Des Moines Register says Iowa will receive $21.5 million from settlement of a class action with Standard & Poor over allegations that the ratings company misrepresented its analysis services as being objective.

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