CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015

  • Factory work is returning to America. But slowly.
    Factory work is returning to America. But slowly.

    The Des Moines Register says Iowa’s economy is expected to slow but keep growing over the next few months. Creighton University’s Iowa Business Conditions Index fell to 52.2 in January, down from 53.4.

  • Iowa Public Radio’s website has a piece on how Swedes are leading the path to the future. More than 95 percent of the financial transactions there are digital. (SUGGESTION: Don’t stop reading before you learn about the proposed DNA-based, spit-in-a-cup payment method.)
  • Forbes magazine has an article by a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management that argues “Why It’s Time to Bring Manufacturing Back Home to the U.S.” (See here for CIRAS’ take on what’s likely to happen in Iowa.)
  • Meanwhile, “Eurozone Manufacturing Stays Close to Stagnation,” according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • And finally, just for the heck of it, we’re passing along this link to the 10 most and least stressful jobs of 2015, via and Newspaper reporter ranks 10th on the most stressful list (firefighter is #1). University professor is the 3rd least stressful (behind hair stylist and audiologist).

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