CIRAS Digest: Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015

  • In college campus news, you probably ought to know that University of Iowa President Sally Mason is retiring. An announcement is scheduled for noon. UPDATE.
  • On the topic of job stability, Debi Durham will have to stay on as head of Iowa Economic Development Authority through June or give back at least part of her latest $30,700 bonus, according to an article on Durham, whose position has a salary ceiling of $154,300, has received five such bonuses since she took over the IEDA in November 2010.
  • Forbes has an article pondering whether China could become “The OPEC of Solar Manufacturing?” The story involves allegations that China hacked an American solar company to learn its vulnerabilities, then dumped cheap products on the market to drive the company out of business.
  • Conservative-skewing has a Nashville-based story urging Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam to avoid handing out $300 million in incentives for a proposed Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga. The article cites a May 2014 study in arguing that the 2009 federal automotive bailout actually hurt the South, because jobs saved in Michigan and Ohio ultimately would have been relocated to nonunion states.
  • A LinkedIn post yesterday by White House advisor Valerie Jarrett says President Barack Obama will call today for passage of the Healthy Families Act. Everybody would get seven days a year of paid sick time and six weeks off for a new child.

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