CIRAS Digest: Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015

  • Terry Branstad and President Barack Obama share a Des Moines Register headline today. Both pushed Tuesday to boost access to high-speed Internet. Obama, who visits Cedar Falls today (Iowa’s first gigabit city), is focused on boosting competition among Internet companies. Branstad asked legislators Tuesday to approve a $5 million grant program for firms that provide access to rural areas.
  • The Register also has details on Branstad’s plan to push for a public-private partnership called the Center for Human Capital Enrichment. The partnership would “research best practices and data for job training” and try to get training better aligned with what businesses need.
  • Also in The Register, we’ve a column from the executive director of the Child & Family Policy Center saying that “more Iowans need an invitation to the table” when it comes to discussions of Iowa’s Re-Envisioned Economic Development Roadmap. The $400,000 report was produced by Batelle Technology Partnership Practice for the Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress.
  • IndustryWeek magazine has released a list of winners for its annual Best Plants Award. The closet winner is Boston Scientific in Maple Grove, Minn. Stories about who won and why will go online Feb. 3.
  • Apparel magazine says a push to restore clothes manufacturing and technical skills is “steadily taking hold in the United States.”
  • And last by not least, The Wall Street Journal uses a sidebar to a much longer story to help you understand “Why Manufacturing Still Counts in the U.S. Economy.” There are lots of numbers here. The accompanying story, which is behind a pay wall, centers around a Pittsburgh company’s efforts to reshore baby car seats.

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