CIRAS Digest: Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015

  • Gov. Terry Branstad
    Gov. Terry Branstad

    Terry Branstad’s Condition of the State speech this morning included pitches to Iowa legislators for more worker training, more broadband internet access and new money to improve roads and bridges. The Des Moines Register has the full speech online.

  • The National Association of Manufacturers says manufacturing has crossed the $2 trillion threshold and now contributes 12.5 percent of America’s gross domestic product. This is in an industry-authored blog on The Hill website detailing “the current revival in U.S. manufacturing” and why it’s “good for everyone.”
  • Meanwhile, British newspaper The Guardian is using a new report from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation to argue that “The U.S. ‘manufacturing renaissance’ doesn’t exist.” According to the report, America has added “only about one new manufacturing job in the last few years for every five that were lost during the financial crisis and the recession that followed.”
  • Somewhere between those two, Quality Magazine says U.S. factory orders for manufacturing technology totaled $378 million in November, down 15.5 percent from October and down 14.5 percent from the November before. The first 11 months of 2014, however, were up 2.6 percent when compared to the same portion of 2013.


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